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  • Hotel Bernat II
Calella is considered the tourist capital of the Coast of Barcelona. It is situated on the seashore and has three beaches: Playa Grande, Playa de Les Roques and Playa Garbí. Thanks to its unbeatable location, from Hotel Bernat II you can get to know the city and enjoy everything it has to offer from a cultural, sports and recreational perspective.

Calella is a city of opportunities, it is the city of happy moments!



A town in the region of Garrotxa, standing at a height of 150 m. and as its name indicates, it was a fortress between two rivers. In 1966 due to its architectural value, it was declared a "National Historical Artistic site."

In every corner, and every street we sense the medieval atmosphere that makes it peculiar. It can be considered the best preserved of all the elements from that time, as well as the monasteries, churches, façades, Jewry and especially the Miqvé.

Worth mentioning is the Roman bridge over the river Fluvià, of extraordinary beauty, which opens the doors to Besalú.

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